Picr - Everyday Photo Diary

…started as a small idea while renovating the first apartment together with my girlfriend ( now it’s my wife 😉 ).

The renovation took weeks and I wanted to create a time-lapse video to document the progress. In the AppStore I couldn’t find an App that did what I wanted. Therefore I decided to develop my own App. From this I developed Picr. ( Little Insider – Picr stands for “Picture Reminder” )

During the development of Picr I came across the video of “Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years“. 

Now it was clear that I wanted to develop the perfect App for this purpose. 

Version 1.0 - December 2013

The first version of Picr was released and I was surprised how well the app was received. The big breakthrough came in March 2014 when Apple(c) introduced the new “Selfie Section” in the AppStore(c). I can still remember when a user sent me a mail with the title: “Wow – your app was on TV”. …and the vote! 🙂 Worldwide the news reported about the new “Selfie Section” and my app was in first place.
March 2014 - Apple's New 'Selfie Sharing' App: There is No Stopping the Selfie?

Download numbers rose and Picr had over 100k downloads worldwide as a selfie app in the second quarter of 2014 alone. 

Picr became very popular and I invested a lot of time in fixing bugs and integrating new improvements.   

Version 2.0 - September 2017

Due to iOS updates and new iPhone models it was time for a new version of Picr. Version 2.0 also set the milestone for version 3.0 as some basic architecture measures had to be taken. 

Version 3.0 - February 2019

The time had come and the current version of Picr was released! The feedback I received was overwhelming and shortly afterwards a feature of Apple(c) followed in the AppStore(c) in the category  “Our favorites of the week.”

Picr AppStore(c) - Our favorites of the week

Version 3.0 has a new design which allows you to start a Selfie Journal easier and faster.

The design and the performance were in the foreground during the new development and I am currently working on further new features.

If you want to support my project you can do so with a donation or a review in the AppStore!

I hope you have fun with Picr and I can help you start your own Selfie project.

Many thanks for your support!